Quick Test


  1. Do you want to change your life? The Bridge is a program designed to take men who are struggling and make them into successful, productive members of society. It is not a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen.
  2. Are you willing to commit to a 6 month to one year process? Change is not a quick process and entering a program such as this is a decision not to be entered into lightly.
  3. Are you willing and open to building a relationship with Jesus Christ? The Bridge is a Christian based program and church attendance, daily Bible reading and journaling, and bible study groups will be required as well as community outreaches. 
  4. Are you able to physically work? The program will require some labor and does not have the resources to take care of someone who needs significant medical care. Also, no narcotic medication for chronic pain is allowed. Participants are required to pursue meaningful, long term employment. To get started, we have several temporary empolyment agencies in the area. Additionally, our men tend to the chores as is normal for any household, i.e., mowing grass, snow shoveling, and house cleaning.
  5. Have you been diagnosed with any mental illness? The Bridge is not a mental health facility and cannot accept anyone diagnosed with any mental illness within the past 12 months or anyone who is on any psychotropic medications.
  6. Do you have to register as a sex offender?  Don't be discourged yet. For our house, due to proximity to schools and youth ministry, we are prohibited from accepting offenders of this nature. However, we do have an assocation with a nearby Christian ministry which specializes in this area.

If you answered yes to the first four questions and no to the fifth and sixth, you are eligible. Contact Mike Gagnon @ 412-699-0669 for more information.