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Our Pastor


Rick Thornhill is the Lead Pastor of New Hope Community Church. He has a passion for the word of God and reaching the lost. He was raised right here in Ambridge. He is a veteran of the United States Army Infantry. He brings leadership, vision and fire to our church. He is guided his 7 principles of ministry:

  1. I promise to keep Jesus as the chief shepherd of the church. I will seek his direction and will for my life as well as the direction of the church.
  2. I promise to contend for the miraculous.
  3. I promise to commit myself to constant and never ending improvement.
  4. I promise to help people achieve their dreams, not just use people to accomplish the goals of the corporate church.
  5. I promise to never ask someone to do anything I would not, could not, or have not done myself.
  6. I promise to love and lead by example.
  7. I promise to always try to look at people through the eyes of Jesus



Pastor Rick Thornhill
Monday June 14th 2021

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